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The Gigglefits



Hello Everyone.


Tony Carlozzi, was raised in Florida, now long term resident of Brockton, MA, 30 years of  playing guitar. 

Queen Regina Palmer is an Oklahoma native, lifelong lyricist, singer/songwriter/storyteller. Whom, on May 7th, moved to Brockton to join Tony in a partnership in music collaboration. 

Tony,  performed tribute shows honoring artists such as, Keith Urban, Tim Mcgraw. He is an amazing artist with a passion for music that knows no end 

Regina, has written many hundreds of original acapella version lyrics and sings them. But her voice is her only instrument. She needed music. 

Tony unfortunately, lost his singing voice due to illness. He can certainly still make his guitars sing though, He needed a voice again, and Regina needed a musician who could compose to her lyrics. 

They met through ISSA on Facebook. (INTERNATIONAL SINGER, SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION) and had so many common interests it just seemed to be a perfect fit. 

Tony flew from Boston to Dallas, where Regina met him. From there they took the long road trip back across the country together. They were magical from the beginning of their first meet. The road trip was a bonding and introduction into what is now an amazing partnership and collaborating team of some really awesome original music. 

They laughed and sang together in a car dring their 4 day trip, but when they arrived back in Brockton, thats when the magic began. 

On the very first music session together, Tony challenged Regina to pull random lyric sheets from her briefcase to work on. " No peeking at titles", He exclaimed, laughing. But Regina was ready and up for the challenge. 

Tony strummed the guitar as she sang, and whalaah. Within the first hour they had birthed into existence 8 amazing songs. But during that session Tony made Regina laught so much. He stated: "Ok, we will continue when you get control of your Gigglefit". But the Gigglefits continued, uncontrollably at times, that Regina laughed so hard she would lose her breath and was crying involuntary tears. 

Thus was born the band name of the "Gigglefits". it fit them as well as their personalities and common interests. they have found happiness, and laughter in music and each others company. Music is both of their truest passions and it surely shows in the music they create. 

"If The GIGGLEFITS WEAR IT" has become their slogan. I am quiet sure they will have T­-shirts available in merch soon with this slogan on it. Because their music and laughter is contagious, they are likely to infect you too with the Gigglefits. 

Their first album is out now in digital format, downloadable and hard copy CD's will be available upon  




Hello Everyone.
Finally, The Gigglefits have our very first EP titled, "YOU CAN'T STOP THIS!". #ASCAP registered , mastered, radio worthy songs ready for submission for airplay. A special thanks to Ron Gerring aka #JukeboxGuy for the amazing mastering of our first EP.

Tony Carlozzi, on guitar and Queen Regina Palmer lyrics and vocals. Our sound is original. We are alternative multi genre artists. we do #country #rock #gospel, #blues predominately but you can expect us to explore and challenge our abilities to stretch boundaries and be in multiple genres of airplay. We both absolutely love to sing, write, entertain and make you laugh. There is no looking back. We hope to make our debut splash and spread like wildfire. There is plenty more coming too.


Much Love,

Looking to the Future


  Omg. our very first song competition submission. #WSA World Songwriters Awards. We are #TopFinalist .I told Regina Palmer this was an award winning song. she trusted my judgement & we entered it out of the many choices & we are so honored & blown away that tears are streaming down our faces. Special thanks to my wonderful partner & vocalist, Regina Easlon, & Ron Gerring for an amazing mastering job.

We did it guys. Wow.e gear for an extended U.S. tour in support of our new album. Our set list will prominently feature the new stuff but also dive into favorites from our previous releases. Check out our tour page for when we’ll be playing near you.


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